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Suburban Island

Some Snow
Saturday, Jan. 22, 2005, 1:43 a.m.


WHAT I LEARNED: Listen to the weather report.

This week turned out to hold a snowy day, federal holidays galore, traffic jams, and some pomp and circumstance. The snowy day is the one that got my attention.

On Wednesday, you could smell snow in the air and the scent of snowflakes-soon-to-come hit me as soon as I walked out of my house for a morning appointment. Never one for planning for the weather, I shrugged off my lack of snowy day gear. I had no snow boots. I had no hat. Big deal. I did have a warm coat and scarf and gloves, as I am a baby about the cold. I will whine about it unceasingly given the slightest opportunity. I got my coffee extra hot and headed into town. How cold could I get really? I was going to drive to work, park in a garage, catch a cab, go to my meeting, catch another cab back to the office, get my car from the garage, and drive home in my nice warm car.

Who needs boots? Who needs a hat?

You know where this is going.

As my morning meeting was drawing to an end, I turned around and glanced out the window. It was snow globe city outside. I walked out of the building dragging a projector in a hard-shell case on wheels behind me. I knew in my very gut as soon as the first hint of soggy snow soaked through the toes of my work shoes that there would be no taxi. It would be just me, the hard-shell case on wheels containing the projector, and the long road home to the office. Ten long slippery snow-covered blocks lay between where I stood and my toasty-warm car. I was well aware a long drive home would surely follow as the ability to travel the roads during even the lightest dusting of snow is not an expertise citizens in this part of our great nation usually possess.

I began to walk, turning around every few steps in the hopes of glimpsing a cab on the horizon. Eventually I gave it up. It was hopeless and besides, my neck was starting to feel like it had a bit part in The Exorcist. I was cursing the projector in the hard case on wheels. The snow kept falling and falling fast. The only thing between wet snowflakes down my neck was my big woolen scarf, which I ironically bought at a Banana Republic outlet in Orlando Florida. Go figure. I pulled it closer around my neck with a new appreciation for all things woolen.

When I stepped off the elevator into the lobby area of my office a coworker looked at me covered as I was from head to toe with a layer of snow and said: <1>Im not even going to ask.

I told him anyway.

image by Suburban Island

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