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Suburban Island

Sunglass Weekend
Sunday, Jan. 23, 2005, 9:01 p.m.

QUESTION: Isn't that Suburban Island behind those Foster Grants?

WHAT I LEARNED: At times sunglasses are essential.

Some people are so cool when they wear sunglasses. I am not. Maybe it is because I am not in the tropics, or a ski slope, but at home typing this. Its pitiful but its true. Im reduced to wearing my prescription sunglasses around the house. Im sure its freaking my husband out to find me reading a novel in bed at 2 AM with my sunglasses on.

Now you might wonder why I have taken to donning my dark glasses. I am too old for a mid-life crisis. I would not peg myself as glamorous. However, I do lose things occasionally. Like prescription glasses for instance.

Jessica Simpson might love her Louis Vuitton handbag but I love my glasses. Without them my world is a little more devoid of the printed word in its smallest versions and I have always been greatly enamored of print products of all sorts. I need my glasses to read paperback novels, the back of the microwave dinner box, and stuff projected onto white screens in meetings.

I did discover that losing glasses is sometimes not a bad thing. Really, I needed to lose my glasses even though I miss them heartily this weekend. I had been noticing for quite a while that I was having trouble reading things in small print but I was lazy and just handed the aspirin bottle or Tuna Helper box to the next person to read. Thank heaven for eagle-eyed teenagers. Yesterday I went to the eye doctor and discovered that my prescription had really changed. He showed me what my current prescription did for my vision and then showed me what the world looked like with my brand new prescription. It was like the heavens had opened up and illuminated the world around me especially things in tiny print.

Insert the sounds of a choir of heavenly angels here.

The glasses cost a fortune and I have to wait for them. I should get my regular glasses on Tuesday and the sunglasses within 10 days or so.

I guess sometimes you have to pay for a little more clarity in life and then be patient while you wait for it to arrive.

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