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Suburban Island

Mr. Rogers
Sunday, Mar. 02, 2003, 2:37 p.m.

Question: Isn't there always a place in our hearts for the things of childhood?

What I Learned: There is great value in a kind heart.

I was saddened to hear about the death of Mr. Rogers. I visited the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood homepage and found a brief Mr. Rogers Tribute video clip. Here's a guy who made good things happen in his own quiet way for so many years. I am impressed by his ability to identify what he wanted to do to make a difference and then do it and do it so well.

It is a funny thing about Mr. Rogers - even if you couldn’t abide watching that show, there was no way you couldn’t like the guy. There was something so sweet and pleasant and really chilled out about him and the neighborhood that I can feel my blood pressure dropping just thinking about it. I would give a lot to get hold of that calm jazzy music that played in-between the singing parts while they panned the camera over that little tiny neighborhood. For some reason I really feel like crying just thinking about it. I felt the same way in hearing about the death of Charles Shultz, who did the wonderful Peanuts cartoon strip for 50 years. There was something so engaging and honest in those comic strips that I was always drawn to read them and always finished with a smile on my face.

We need that. People to remind us to smile. People to remind us to be kind.

Mr. Rogers did something truly wonderful for the world in that he provided a small oasis of peace, not only for kids but also for adults, who soaked all that beautiful tranquility in by osmosis while rushing around the house knocking out that all important adult chore list.

Thanks, Mr. Rogers for being brave enough to be true to yourself so that you could give us all a little corner of peace in this stressed-out world. Your neighborhood always has a place in my heart.

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