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"Well, I've tried to say "How doth the little busy bee," but it all came different!'

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Suburban Island


Alice on Being Herself:

'I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, sir' said Alice, 'because I'm not myself, you see.'


1. Iím blessed with two kids and they are way cooler than I ever was when I was their age.

2. I play the piano.

3. I would love to have a dog or cat but have terrible allergies.

4. I have some fish though Ė better than nothing and they never make me wheezy.

5. I write poetry sometimes.

6. I like to listen to jazz and classical music when I write or work Ė it definitely pumps up my concentration level.

7. I always go to sleep to the sound of the surf - courtesy of a mini-sound machine.

8. Get me to the water Ė ocean, bay, river, canal, pond, birdbath. Being around water is a major stress reducer for me.

9. I like the sound of wind and rain on the roof when itís late and Iím in for the night.

10. I love every drop of Christmas cheer and look forward to the Christmas season with serious enthusiasm every year.

11. I wish I had more time to cook and once spent an entire weekend riveted to the Food Network dreaming of my culinary successes.

12. I love to read the magazines you pick up at the check-out counter like Womanís World and even sometimes (shhh!!) the National Enquirer.

13. I always have room for one more book on my shelves.

14. I admire my kids.

15. I am a cancer survivor.

16. I tend to stay up way too late at night and invariably regret it in the mornings.

17. My motto is: Have coffee; successfully navigate the day.

18. I must have diet coke in the house.

19. I am drawn to green, orange, blue, and yellow but I believe basic black is a girlís best friend in the wardrobe department.

20. I can play The Sims for hours.

21. I try to recite the 23rd Psalm every day and really think about what each line means.

22. I believe in the reviving power of a good manicure and pedicure.

23. I think old sit coms can give you a lift.

24. I love roses growing in a garden.

25. I have seen Tori Amos three times in concert.

26. I have season tickets for the ballet this year.

27. I believe that everyone should see Paris before they die.

28. I drink tea, hot and cold, without any sugar or lemon. I have an iced tea addiction that wonít quit as soon as the summer kicks in.

29. I love an island theme Ė itís just so fun.

30. I enjoy romantic comedies Ė classic and current.

31. I think reading about the lives of the Saints is fascinating.

32. I watch at least one version of The Christmas Carol every year.

33. I get a kick out of the Disney Channel and believe it is a great idea to hit the Disney animated films when they come out in the theaters.

34. I can eat streamed crabs by the dozen.

35. I thing big band music is energizing.

36. I went to an NSYNC concert and liked it.

37. I think Marge Simpson, Tinkerbell, and Sponge Bob, are a kick.

38. I am addicted to Starbuck fraps and white chocolate mochas.

39. Iíll ditch proteins for carbs, given half the chance.

40. I have a little collection of Saint statutes nestled on a high bookshelf to inspire me.

41. I wait for the crocuses to come up in the winter to remind me that Spring really is right around the corner.

42. I refuse to jog.

43. I took two years of Russian in college and canít remember a word of it.

44. I hate cold weather.

45. I talk on the cell phone too much.

46. I love to sleep late but I usually wind up sleep-deprived.

47. I actually like fruitcake and mince pie.

48. I still miss having my best friend just a drive away and she moved out of state about 20 years ago.

49. I like to think I really do have a guardian angel.

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