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Carolina - 2003-01-05 12:21:11
hey !! My name is Carolina and I'm a 22 year old girl from Brazil. I love your diary and this list !!!!:-D I'll definitely come back to read more !! Keep up the good work and the good mood !!!!!!
Kyndal - 2003-01-08 14:57:13
Hello! I was reading your diary and your list and I think that you seem like a very nice and wonderful person. I like and totally agree with some of your things on the list. I will be off to France for 12 days this summer, 3 full nights if Paris, so I myself will be fulfilling ove of these. Another thing that you might want to put on there, Italy is wonderful too!! and Starbucks rules! Keep up the nice writing and wonderful list! I will enjoy coming back to your diary time and time over again. I think that your attitude of life is very pleasing and wish that more poeple could be like you. Tootles!
The Cabbie - 2003-01-11 02:00:13
you're awesome, you know that? i think that each and every time i come here. i could play the sims for hours too.
Angie - 2003-01-23 17:10:49
Your Diary is awesome! it just brightened up my day :) thanks
lobotomybabe - 2003-04-13 02:50:42
I love green (lime), orange, yellow and blue, too. I'd say that at least 50% of my wardrobe is either lime green or orange. But I love black, too. --L
Rosemary - 2003-05-04 16:24:36
This list blew me away. Love the caffeine theme. Just when I was feeling too old to be hanging around diaryland. (I mean that in a good way.)
michelle - 2003-05-30 00:11:16
I like your list. You seem to be a cool person. I think I"m going to enjoy reading your diary. Congradulations for beating Cancer!
elvisload - 2004-10-14 22:26:48
I also love streamed clams... I just can't get enuff of those streamed clams... I wish I had a couple dozen streamed clams right now... if I had some clams in the fridge, I'd stream them right now... and maybe make some streamed rice to go with them...

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