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Suburban Island

Thinking Smiley
Wednesday, Feb. 04, 2004, 8:19 p.m.

QUESTION: Can you ever run out of uses for the smiley face in modern society?

WHAT I LEARNED: Hide the #2 lead pencils but look for the traffic ticket in the pile of mail stashed on the sideboard.

Tweezer holes in the bathroom wall of the sort that appeared at our house the other day, seem to impact different people in different ways. Although I haven’t run a formal study, here are the observations that can be made at my house:

  • My son’s reaction – oops, better not do that again.
  • My daughter’s reaction – I guess I’ll have to explain the rules of the house to my younger brother again.
  • My busband’s reaction – I will draw big circles in pencil around the tiny holes making something not particularly noticeable stand out like a neon sign blazing brightly in the middle of the big dark night.
  • My reaction – well, I think in this case actions may speak louder than words. I am every so tempted to stop typing post haste, grab a yellow #2 pencil, march straight upstairs without stopping until I get to the master bathroom, and give those penciled circles some real presence and pizzazz by added a few details and created some proper smiley faces and at the same time a new sense of ambiance in our little master bathroom.

    That ought to put a new face on things.

    Yes, indeed.

    On another note, the guy who is drawing the big circles around the little holes in the wall got a big ticket the other day. The kind where they take your picture with a little traffic cam as you’re driving blissfully along – perhaps a bit too quickly - to work or to the grocery or to get that morning coffee. I wonder if I should draw a big pencil circle around the tail end of my husband’s car as shown in this photo from the nice people who send out those traffic violations you get in the mail? I can add that to the happy circles in the bathroom, increasing the thematic element exponentially or at least incrementally.

    Now that would be a smiley face worth its salt. I have to admit, a photo of the tail end of my husband’s car as it heads off into the sunset (or perhaps sunrise) made me laugh – and will do so until I finally pull out the checkbook and pay this ticket – smiley face and all. Then the laugh will be on me. And I probably won’t be smiling at all.

    But until then – it’s smiley face time with an attitude.

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