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Suburban Island

Suction Cup Situation
Tuesday, Dec. 09, 2003, 9:14 p.m.

QUESTION: Are you suction cup savvy?

WHAT I LEARNED: Hide the suction cups.

Consider the simple suction cup. With it you can hang a nice Christmas wreath on the door, hang a angel suncatcher in the window, or perhaps stick it on your forehead in a moment of boredom to discover that you are going to need just a little more make-up in the A.M.

Ask my daughter.

We couldn't figure out why she had a big round splotch on her forehead. Was it Ash Wednesday already? Had I missed all of Christmas through some holiday time warp? Was it a symptom of some new strain of the flu? I knew we should have gotten those flu shots earlier in the game. Had the sugarplum fairy taken a pot shot at her? We didn't know. She didn't know. Many questions were asked as we tried to track down the round bruise on her forehead. What could it be?

Oh, could it be? Is it possible? I did stick that suction cup on my forehead while I was watching TV. I was bored - so says my daughter.

Yes, dear - that would do it - say mom and dad. We are laughing. I am glad I did not miss Christmas, it wasn't Ash Wednesday, there was no mysterious flu symptom, and the sugarplum fairy was employed in more uplifting tasks than tossing sugarplums at sleeping teenagers.

How did I know it would make a mark on my head? - she responds quite sensibly.

You have to learn some things the hard way - my son tells her wisely, as he fondly retells the time he stuck two suction cups arrows on his checks and developed a serious case of puffy-cheeks as a result.

And I hate to admit it but once I stuck a suction cup on my forehead too in an idle moment - with similar result. And I was old enough to know better.

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