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Suburban Island

Baby Stuff Gone Bad
Sunday, Jan. 18, 2004, 10:29 p.m.

QUESTION: Cleaned any closets lately?

WHAT I LEARNED: Sometimes it's good to hold your nose.

It is raining today but being Sunday that’s really okay. I appreciate a nice rainy day in the winter because it keeps me inside and makes me feel lazy and yet drawn to do chores at the same time. Since my husband has claimed the TV for the football games, I have been puttering around upstairs and down contemplating all the things I have already done today which I really should not have done and considering the things I have not started today which I really should have gotten over and done with already.

I shouldn’t have had those Eggs Benedict this morning with the extra side of rye toast, or bought 3 new books to read at Borders after that, or gotten the large size white chocolate mocha this afternoon. I should have continued on my cleaning binge, started a scrapbook, and begun writing my novel. Those Eggs Benedict sure were good though and that grande coffee is all that’s kept me going as I scan the home front and see a home that’s not quite ready for prime time yet, and certainly not ready to submit to the creative master spiritopias’s clever Diaryland Cribs showcase.

Here’s what I really did today besides sleeping in, going for those Eggs Benedict, doing a little grocery shopping, buying some new reads, and getting that requisite cup of coffee:

  • Organized all the old LPs I still have in my possession – from the B-52’s, Benatar, and the Beatles to the Fame, Flashdance, and Xanadu soundtracks;
  • Get envelopes of pictures and more envelopes of pictures organized into those nice photograph boxes;
  • Cleaned a maelstrom of papers off the family room coffee table that had been deposited there after the holidays so that the room is actually useable again;
  • Got rid off a whole shelf of toys and games gathering dust in the family room – this is a hard one for me;
  • And convinced my youngest kid to clean his room (see picture below to see why this request was so urgent).

Helping my son clean out a bunch of board games and kid’s stuff that had been stored on one of the shelves in his closet for a small eternity turned out to be the most rewarding and traumatic of today's tasks however. Rewarding because now he’s got a whole shelf for those hoodies he wears every day to school – that closet shelf looks just like a beautiful still shot from Clean Sweep. Traumatic because we discovered a bag of baby toys from when the kids were tiny tots that I guess I just couldn’t part with at the time. There were soft rattles and every kind of those damn Johnson and Johnson toys you could think of. Awww, how super cute.

Hey, wait a minute - what’s that smell? Is my nose on the fritz or does this stuff smell of ancient baby spit-up or worse?

Ewww, that’s super stinky.

Yeah, it sure is, mom, said my son. Not wanting to waste a great opportunity for major family fun, he quickly continued - I’m taking this downstairs and asking Dad to smell this bag of stuff.

Ha. Ha. Ha. What hilarity we will enjoy when his dad takes of whiff of the good old days gone bad.

And we did. We all had a good laugh but for about a half hour after that I could hear my husband exclaiming – that was horrible.

And really, it was.

The husband tied the bag up again. We’re waiting for my daughter to come home from visiting with some friends.

This could be funny. It just proves family entertainment does not have to be expensive or require leaving the house.

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