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Suburban Island

Week in Summary
Friday, Mar. 12, 2004, 11:44 p.m.

QUESTION: Who doesn't love Fridays?

WHAT I LEARNED: Some weeks are longer than others.

What's really cool is when your daughter tells you that they had a substitute teacher in their web class and there was time to kill so she read your diary. And liked it.

A mother can't ask for more than that.

Thanks, dear. That's the best thing that happened to me all week.

This is the week that I:

LOST my DSL service for 2 days - thowing me into a web blackout and causing severe Diaryland deprivation. I also lost my business line dialtone - which wasn't so bad. I was happy to find that all of this had nothing to do with forgetting to pay the phone company bill.

LET my daughter convince me to allow her take the day off from school so she wouldn't have to attend a senior retreat where nuns visited to tell the girls about how great it is to become a nun. I guess that career path is a big N-O on my daughter's list. For her penance, she cleaned the house up while I was off doing my conference thing today. Not a bad trade-off for either of us.

DEVELOPED an intimate relationship with the cable company as they rev up for their third visit to see us in less than a week because our upper channels are doing something called "tiling" in which the picture breaks up into little squares. Since I'm a lower channel watcher - focusing on trashy Fox reality shows, American Idol, and CSI - the tiling has little impact on me. But my husband who tends towards upper tier viewing including old reruns of COPS, sci-fi and adventure movies, and boxing matches is facing some real digital viewing issues.

FAILED to fix the family computer which is stuck on 16-bit color in a 256-color world.

DISCOVERED my son sitting on a rocking chair in the living room soaking his ankle - which he believes he twisted as a result of the heavy-back-pack syndrome peculiar to our current educational process. Note: carrying books home does not relate to actual usage.

SAT in a car for 15 minutes after my son asked me to come pick him up at a friend's house tonight. The reason I sat in a cold car from 10:45 until 11:00 at night is because they wanted to watch the end of a movie. It turned out under maternal interrogation to be more like watching the end of a sitcom. I'd have fibbed about that too.

BECAME DISTRESSED to see that a payment that I already made for a trip this summer was taken out a second time - overdrafting my bank account. They're closed for the night. Lucky them.

And another week comes to a much anticipated close.

Calgon - take me away.

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