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Suburban Island

The Soup Diet
Wednesday, Oct. 06, 2004, 11:02 a.m.

QUESTION: More soup?

WHAT I LEARNED: Balance isn't always graceful.

Last week was crash diet week – my husband and I tried one week on the Protein Power Low Carb Soup Diet as showcased in my favorite grocery checkout aisle magazine – Woman’s World. Woman’s World is probably the only 21st century magazine with a circulation of greater than 10 that doesn’t have a website to call its own. I throw it in my cart at the end of every weekly shopping trip because it has a positive tone and I always learn something from it. Hence the Protein Power Diet slowly moved from a checkout counter headline to a household diet strategy by being tossed about the house over a period of time dating back to May of this year. The kicker was in the subtitle of the article - Lose up to 12 lbs in 7 days! It drew us in like moths to a flame. Who could resist?

Eventually we scurried out and bought the soup fixings – zucchini and yellow squash, chicken and chicken broth, tomatoes and spinach, olive oil, garlic, and onions. We cooked up the soup in our monster soup pot and ladled it out into every single Chinese soup container in sight. Soup – glorious soup - and lots of it – was the major component of our refrigerated goods; getting to the milk or anything else for that matter was an operation of the utmost difficulty. Perhaps that was part of the diet strategy. We also got breakfast and 2 snacks. Hmmm - this wasn’t too bad at all. So we ate our soup and ate our soup and ate our soup and in between we ate almonds and eggs and low carb bread and cheese and such and of course breakfast with bacon. I love bacon. A diet that lets me have bacon for 7 days without feeling guilty is a diet I can love.

image from wwwdotproteinpowerdotcom

The outcome – my husband lost 12 lbs and I lost 8 lbs.

Wow, that was easy.

The diet effort itself had some setbacks. First, I had an issue with hardboiled eggs. I like them but there’s a little problem with eggs in cartons in the morning when there are a lot of them. It’s easy to grab the wrong eggs and that’s what I did. Cracking an egg on my desk yielded quite a surprise and deprived me of my afternoon snack. If I had looked in both cartons of eggs I would have seen that I should have taken the ones with the big black H marked on them.

I also changed my coffee drinking habits switching from largest size to smallest size. I learned that if you put a tall coffee on top of your car while you fish your keys out of your purse and you leave it there while you drive away thinking about how you’d really like the biggest extra caramel caramel macchiato ever, it’ll still be there just about the time you are right in front of the coffee place where everyone can see what a scatterbrain you are. I know this is true because that’s what I did – driving halfway through the parking lot until it finally hit me - what had become of my small latte with the sugar-free shot of vanilla syrup in it? Coffee drinking suddenly became a much more complicated process for me because it involved another decision – get the magical cup from the roof or drive away very quickly and coffee be damned? I needed my coffee. Enough said.

So with a few setbacks the diet went forward and I am 8 lbs thinner and consequently a little happier and healthier today than I was a week ago. I must admit that the first thing I did when the soup diet was over was to get that caramel macchiato – extra caramel, please.

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