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Suburban Island

Danger - Failing Resolutions Zone
Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2004, 9:47 a.m.

QUESTION: What resolutions?

WHAT I LEARNED: I'm still working on it.

I bet youíre wondering what happened to my 2004 resolutions. Well, so am I. I never quite got them crystallized but already Iím a slacker. Letís take a few of them and consider my success rate with each. For instance, sleep is a big one for me. Like plenty of modern moms, I am running on minimum rations of sleep. One of my big goals this year is to get to bed at a reasonable time so I can wake up refreshed and rested. Success rate on a work night: A big zero. I swear itís not my fault either or at least not all my fault. I am a night person and I can sleep until noon on the weekends with ease but every get-to-bed-early effort of mine in the new year during the week has been ruthlessly crushed. By whom? The others - thatís who. They bring me last minute projects revolving around Chinese food cartons and request assistance. They present long worksheets or reams of review handouts regarding science, history, or some great piece of literature with pleading looks. Disordered rooms, sinks full of dishes, and stacks of junk mail have confounded my need for sleep. My own night-owl tendencies betray me. This is going to be a little tougher than I figured.

My next resolution is not doing much better. This is the one about maintaining a healthy diet. It includes taking those vitamins and drinking up those glasses of water while laying off all the fun foods. Thank God we have finally finished off all the damn candy from Christmas. I was developing a proper case of acne the likes of which havenít visited my skin since my teenage years. Additionally, I no longer am dreaming of slabs of fruitcake (I really love fruitcake) or swigging those fabulous eggnog lattes (I think theyíve finally run out of eggnog at the local coffee joint). I find eight glasses of water a day a difficult task and so I must admit I am still replacing it with other liquids which any dieting pro will tell you doesnít count towards your water quota. Iím talking coffee, tea, diet soda, and more diet soda and one more latte please. The vitamins Ė I just pulled them out and put them on the counter last night. If I could just remember to take them Ė it would be mission accomplished on this one. Success rate: Alarmingly close to zero as well.

There are more resolutions. Many more. But as Scarlet reminds us so succinctly after a particularly unsuccessful day - Iíll think of it tomorrowÖ after all, tomorrow is another day.

I think Iíll follow her lead on this one.

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