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Suburban Island

Pumpkin Procrastination - Don't Let It Happen To You
Thursday, Oct. 30, 2003, 9:04 p.m.

QUESTION: Why did they name it Pig Boy's?

WHAT I LEARNED - Some pumpkin is better than no pumpkin.

Tomorrow is Halloween. I can't believe it - tomorrow is Halloween and we have no pumpkin. This means I'm going to be dropping big bucks at a strange blacktop pumpkin patch called something like Pig Boy's Pumpkins before the sun sets tomorrow for a second rate pumpkin that is the lot of all procrastinators such as myself.

Not buying a pumpkin yet was not an active act of procrastination. I didn't mean to wait until the last minute. The week just slipped away or rather bounded away like a big unruly dog. Now, here I am again - condemned to the last of the pumpkins in Pig Boy's suburban grocery store parking lot patch.

Wait a minute. My son just came downstairs to check his IM for some new and important communication which has floated across cyberspace for his eyes only since the last commercial break. When I took this opportunity to remind him that we were pumpkin-less he suggested we go out into the damp night right away and get ourselves an almost last minute pumpkin, which anyone with an ounce of sense has got to know beats a totally last minute pumpkin any day of the week. I think he is mainly driven to make this suggestion by the fact that last year it was he that was standing in the rain with me as we assessed the few, the sad, the left behind pumpkins that dotted the landscape of the asphalt pumpkin patch. You could take one home - if you were willing to part with 17 bucks, had a low standard of general pumpkin perfection, and were faster than the other procrastinators roaming the lot.

I gotta go now. Time's a wasting and somewhere out there is a pumpkin in need of a last minute home.

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