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Suburban Island

Weekend Starts with Pictures
Saturday, Mar. 26, 2005, 11:32 a.m.

QUESTION: Andrew, can you hear me?

WHAT I LEARNED: If you want it done, do it yourself.

This last week has been pretty stressful and busy for me. I am coordinating a big event at work and I really want it to be a success. I feel the pressure and I am bringing it home and trying to tame it with extra work. It's like I am on The Apprentice and everyone is going to judge me on how well this program goes. The only upside is that there are no cameras following me around to record my daily angst as I run around trying to be successful. Wednesday is the day and hopefully all will go well and then this huge weight will come off my shoulders and I will feel a great sense of accomplishment. Until then I am eating, sleeping, and breathing work.

Last night I went to Good Friday services and then I took a break from my office work. I would have loved to sit down and write a diary entry but instead I dedicated myself to reconstructing my diary. I spent my evening reloading my lost images because I just couldn't stand having my diary sit out there on the web like that – suddenly image-less - with big holes in entries all the way back to October. It looked like an electronic swiss cheese of a journal and I could not bear it.

I resolved to give up my foolish hope in a sudden appearance of these images via a Diaryland action. I could not wait any longer for an answer from Andrew, who though overworked right now himself and having lost a dear pet recently as well - should have answered my several polite pleas for image restoration or at least told me I would never see it in my lifetime unless I fixed it myself.

So I started loading. I uploaded 96 images spanning diary entries all the way back to October 10, 2004. That’s a lot of holes in a lot of entries. Then I went to bed – without having time to catch up with my favorite reads or write an entry about my adventures in living this week.


What is the one most valuable lesson I learned this week? If you have a drink in a cup and you want to go to the bathroom, do not put your drink in your carry-all bag because you do not wish to set the cup on the counter. You will forget about the drink and walk around with it in that bag wondering why you feel like you forgot something. Until the bag starts dripping. Then you will remember. Doing this with a venti iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel is especially tragic and will put you in a bad mood – perhaps for the whole day. Don’t do it. Take it from Suburban Island.

image by Suburban Island

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