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Suburban Island

Diarists Descend Upon New Haven - Part II
Friday, May. 20, 2005, 2:21 p.m.

QUESTION: How much do you want that coffee?

WHAT I LEARNED: Education does not equal consideration.

Saturday was our lunch at the Royal Palace. I was excited to find myself sitting down with so many excellent diarists and getting to eat a delicious lunch at same time. We all brought swag and my swag was a bunch of wooden sandpipers with greetings from Suburban Island written on the base. The sandpipers had very pointy wooden beaks. Cosmic make many jokes about their beaks – and they were very funny jokes too - except she didn’t call them beaks. I took away from this that my swag was attractive and amusing. Who could ask for more?

I was wondering why the check was taking so long to come. I was considering the potential for someone to ask the waiter to chop it up into separate checks thus providing additional entertainment value for all when it was announced that the royal l-empress picked up the check for everyone. What a grand and gracious thing to do! Thanks, l-empress!

After lunch, our picture taking got out of hand as can be seen with this great shot of Summer-Gale striking a pose against a handy chain link storefront…

Spritopias, Jyram, and I had to stop at the Yale bookstore so we could buy overpriced shirts that said Yale on them. Also, we got coffee at the coffee bar at the bookstore after only 15 minutes of standing in front of a guy who was counting out money (I guess they were changing shifts) without receiving any response that we were at the counter. We thought maybe we were invisible or perhaps obviously out of our element and therefore totally unacceptable. He never looked up, he never said a word. We wanted our coffee so we just kept standing there. After about 10 minutes I asked if they were open. He did not look up. He just said "yes" in a way that seemed to say a) you are annoying and b) can't you see I'm very busy. Education obviously doesn’t mean that one is naturally imbued with good manners at the same time. This, my dear readers, would never have happened at the S-bucks place. Finally, his replacement came and she was great. We got our coffee and headed back to the hotel. Just for the record it wasn't as good as the the S-bucks coffee either. The halls of learning could learn a thing or two about good coffee and good manners - or so it seems.

Back at the hotel, we pulled tables together in the dining room/lobby and spent the afternoon in a lively discussion – sharing pictures, comparing notes on all things relating to being an online diarist, and generally just having a great time. Everyone was very much like I thought they would be. Their personalities really do shine through their diaries. I also was glad to meet Bardsbitch who I had not discovered when she was on Diaryland as the Tattooed Nanny. Eventually the afternoon had to end as all afternoons do. Everyone hugged and went off in different directions. Summer-Gale, Spritopias, Jyram, Purple-chai and I waited for over an hour to eat in one of the most mediocre Italian restaurants on the planet. Purple-chai left just a few minutes before we got seated. At first we felt bad for her but the food was so ordinary that we started to think she had been smart to take off for greener pastures. The drinks were great though – especially the Irish Coffees.

Before going back to the hotel after dinner, we had to do some soda shopping at the gas station near the hotel. I believe somebody bought lottery tickets. We then headed up to Cosmic’s room which had become THE meeting place and spent a few more spirited hours making so much noise that some little kids knocked on the door and then ran away again as fast as they could. You could hear their little feet pounding down the hall like the devil was after them. Eventually, everyone headed to bed. It is worth noting that we were all ready to do so a bit earlier than the night before.

I'm not done with this story yet. Stay tuned...

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