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Suburban Island

Ring in the New
Friday, Oct. 10, 2003, 8:40 p.m.

QUESTION: Where do you go from harvest-gold?

WHAT I LEARNED: Sometimes the check really is in the mail.

Sometimes where an error glares like dime store jewelry around your neck, a small miracle occurs. Sometimes out of nowhere you find yourself with a reprieve or even a vindication where shortly before only a sinking feeling and a pair of slumped shoulder could be spied. Sometimes you find out that the big powerful entities like for instance, the local water authority, can be wrong too. And maybe, just maybe, they can be a little bit more wrong than you.

I found this out yesterday when I discovered that the local water company that had shut off the steady flow of county water to my house, had done so on the same exact day that they cashed my check for such steadily flowing water. Imagine my surprise. Now, image theirs.

Yes, I did call my friend, Malcolm, who had sustained a phone call from both my waterless husband and my waterless self not two days before. Malcolm admitted that indeed our water had been diverted in error and refunding the re-connect fee and the amount we had overpaid for the month. Thanks to Malcolm, I am feeling a little less silly today.

image from

So as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by life as manifested in super-sized work projects and a kid bucking for a season ticket to that station in teenage life know as Being Grounded - it’s refrigerator time. This week ushered in a new age of refrigeration in our house. A era when ice and water spring forth at the touch of a button from a finger-print-proof pristine bisque door, and meat and cheese snuggle together in a real honest-to-God cheese and meat keeper drawer. The sight of glass shelves, and doors that hold liter-sized bottles, and freezer baskets that pull out for easy access, almost blind us with their beauty as we gaze lovingly at the Family Refrigerator Mark II.

Now, no matter how bad my day is, I know I will be coming home to a gracious new friend, a descendant of those great iceboxes and refrigerators that came before. A warrior of the modern kitchen always at the ready to spit ice – two kinds – and guard the temperature of my favorite comfort foods day and night so they will always be at the ready.

image from

Bisque – it’s the new harvest gold.

Today’s Suburban Strategy: As if taxes aren’t hard enough…

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