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Suburban Island

Taking the Merit Increase Home
Friday, Mar. 05, 2004, 8:53 a.m.

QUESTION: Hey kids - where's my raise?

WHAT I LEARNED: A raise can put a smile on your face.

I got a merit increase today! Hurray a raise. Itís not the money that counts but the appreciate of my efforts that it represents. Okay, itís the money that counts too. Iím happy on both counts.

I deserved the raise at work and I am wondering what kind of raise I could drum up at home. Maybe a little maid service for Mom versus the wide swath of destruction that follows my kids everywhere they go in the form of wet towels, dirty dishes, crumpled blankets, cast aside clothes, piles of crumbs, discarded candy wrappers, empty coke cans, and squashed juice boxes would be a possibility. And maybe they can help me clean my room which is starting to take on the characteristics of the before footage of a good Clean Sweep episode.

Maybe they can start handing me some money for the movies, the newest CD, or a new pair of jeans. I need to be cool and have fun too.

Some laundry service that isnít done by my husband, whose philosophy of washing darks and lights together for maximum lint ball production disturbs my inner peace Ė that would be a great merit increase.

Or how about house painting? Iíve got some walls and ceilings that could use some loviní and Iíve been giving them the cold shoulder for years. Iíll help.

Whatís cooking? Not my kids. This would be a good area to focus on and I would consider it better than a raise, better than a gift certificate to a restaurant Ė if they do the dishes while theyíre at it.

Or how about a day of leisure during which I could sleep late, take lazy bubble baths, and read poor quality literature in a hammock while my loving family delivered delicious food and beverages to me and set the radio to the cool jazz or classical stations only all day long? That would work.

image from

On a realistic note Ė I got a merit increase this week at work. Iím really happy about it. I have to go now and put the dishes in the dishwasher, get the laundry together, clear the trail of towels, cups, and clothing from where they dropped, get a grocery list together, and think about whatís for dinner. I'm not taking a bubble bath. On a positive note Ė Iím not painting today either.

And then thereís that little thing called work.


Great Diary Finds

My mindís on Diaryland men today because Iíve stumbled on several really great guy diaries here lately and I wanted to share them. Visit leonmcphelps - itís just funny. doc-sarvis - is witty and he adds original comic strips to the mix. clayrhino is another diarist whose wit makes me want to come back and read regularly. Eric Anthony's perceptionss is an extraordinary diary and this entry made me cry. Finally, irish-jack is moving into his second age and that should be interesting. Heís an outstanding diarist.

And of course, there is always spritopias or as I like to call him Ė Dear Christopher - who I have been reading for a long time and so really isnít a new find at all but writes such an addictive diary that he must be mentioned here.

Guys Ė you gotta love em.

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