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a weblog on suburban living by Suburban Island


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Suburban Island

Suburban Island's Other Island - It's a Wrap
Friday, Sept. 05, 2003, 12:03 p.m.

QUESTION: Have you visited Little Island today?

What I Learned: I have lots of islands.

Itís done. Itís beautiful. You need to visit it now!

What am I talking about?

Why, my weblog Ė Little Island - of course. The amazingly talented Nicola of Raging Pistachio Designs just finished a splendid new custom template just for Little Island. Nicola did the custom design for Suburban Island earlier this year and as soon as she had shown me the first mock-up, I knew she had to redo Little Island for me too. I could barely believe my eyes recently, when she sent me the new template design sheíd cooked up for my other isle Ė itís gorgeous and exactly what I wanted!

So put your hands together for the amazing Nicola of Raging Pistachio. I canít say enough about her talent and ability. She is an amazing web designer and I was really lucky that she agreed to take on both of my custom template jobs. She is also a wonderfully patient person who really listened to what I was looking to accomplish and worked to make my vision a reality. Thanks to Nicola, both my islands perfectly reflect what I am trying to communicate to my visitors and dear readers. I canít say enough about how great an experience it was to work with her. And by the way, her diary - widescreen - is a delightful read.

Now go visit my beautiful new and improved blog! Itís got something for everybody Ė well, almost. Itís fun, informative, and of course - totally interesting. Sometimes it may be even a little wacky, but it is chock full of cool stuff to help you navigate your day whether you live in the burbs, the country, in the heart of the city, or even on an island.

I will always have something to post there that amuses or intrigues or confounds me but I have also put together a collection of great links on all sorts of standard daily living topics. Thereís room-by-room assistance Ė kitchen (great cooking sites) to the patio (garden help) to the family room (crafts, games, TV and radio sites). There are daily quotes from a variety of sources Ė biblical to ridiculously secular. Thereís always a word of the day. There are also daily survival sections that cover everything from homework help to household tips. Maybe best of all, is the very cool collection of handpicked webcam links on Little Island - showcasing everything from beautiful scenery, animals of all sorts (yes, they are very cute), and unusual locations (a barbershop in Baltimore Maryland, a restaurant window in Alaska, or a wedding chapel in Las Vegas). I love my webcam links and I visit them whenever I need a quick break from my present reality.

What else can you expect from Little Island? Who knows what I will think of to add next! And if you have a great link that you think I should add, please leave me a note in the guestbook or send me an email.

So stop by Little Island right now and let me know what you thing of its beautiful new look and donít forget to leave me a nice note in Little Islandís guestbook before you leave and of course one here too if you like!

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