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Suburban Island

Late, Late, Late
Thursday, Sept. 02, 2004, 5:54 p.m.

QUESTION: Late again?

WHAT I LEARNED: A little late is still late.

There are days when…

I am late to everything all day long including getting out of bed in the morning. All through the day other events occur that make me even later than I could ever imagine being. For instance, yesterday it started as soon as I roll out of bed - LATE:

  • There are no towels in the bathroom – locating them makes me LATER,
  • All the makeup falls out of the big travel case that I keep under the sink and scatters across the bathroom tiles – some of it will never to be seen again. The cleanup makes me LATER,
  • I have 4 pairs of clean stocking but only the last pair I try on does not have a major run in it – the stocking try-on-a-thon makes me LATER,
  • I can’t find an actual pair of any summer work shoes although I have many – except that is for the pair that is starting to look like a pair of gardening shoes with heels - the search for the missing footwear makes me LATER,
  • I step out the door only to discover that my daughter’s car is blocking me in – waiting for the car removal process to occur makes me LATER,
  • My need for caffeine forces me to stop for coffee – waiting for a venti iced skim caramel macchiato with extra caramel please, makes me LATER,
  • There is a 5-car fender-bender on the main road into town – the ensuing traffic jam makes me LATER,
  • Downtown, the taxi-cab driver taking us to the client’s offices doesn’t know how to find the address and tries to convince us that we are just around the corner when if fact we are at least 8 blocks away – helping him to realize that we weren’t getting out and he was driving us to where we needed to go makes me LATER,
  • The client extends the meeting by 15 minutes - the added meeting time makes me LATER,
  • The next client we pay a visit to gets tied up herself and is late to arrive to our scheduled meeting – waiting on a sofa idling chatting with my colleague while we wait makes me LATER,
  • A third client appointment ends with me walking down the street with a heavy projector case in hand while vainly trying to hail a cab - this 15 minute walk and wave adventure making me LATER,
  • I stop by the bookstore and linger there; it doesn’t matter if I’m LATER now - I’m at lunch,
  • I grab a sandwich – it is 3:00. LATER has caught up with NOW. I return the projector, answer my emails, and realize that I won’t be able to get to the rest of it until LATER.

Sometimes the events of my daily life make me think that I might be the star in my own little independent film, except the soundtrack is spotty, nobody knows their lines, and was not given any script approval rights. Perhaps I should renegotiate my contract and then again maybe not. I think with the right editing this could be Sundance material.

Alice and White Rabbit by Margaret Tarrant

DETAILS: Coffee: frozen caramel coffee concoction + Listening to: music from Brazil + Observing: piles of papers + Thinking: how will I ever catch up? + Weather: it's summer, baby.

Today’s Suburban Strategy: A dirty garden?

Today’s Scenic Cam: Yosemite Valley vista.

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