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Suburban Island

A Job Well Done
Monday, May. 16, 2005, 10:29 p.m.

QUESTION: Can I stop talking now?

WHAT I LEARNED: A good nap is a good thing.

Whew finally I can breathe again. Sometimes I have to speak to groups as part of my job and even though it always goes well in the end, I really stress about it beforehand. Last week was a tidal wave of regular work tasks and a boatload of preparation for a big event that I was coordinating. Part of my responsibility was to be a presenter during the program thats the speaking part. It is great when the whole thing is done and I can see that the event went off as planned including the part where I open my mouth in front of a big crowd of people and lucid thoughts come out. In the end it is such a high note to see that everyone enjoyed themselves and got something out of it. However, before that happens, the whole things whirls around in my head until I find myself dizzy with thinking about every aspect of the whole thing day and night and even dreaming about it in my sleep. Every night I sleep a little less. Every day I work extra hard and extra long. Even though I do all of that, I still harbor fears that something will go wrong. It is such a relief when the whole thing goes off without a hitch.

So last week was a week that was so full of stress and work and more work. I hate those kinds of weeks. The only thing that brings me through them is knowing that something really worthwhile is going to come out of it in the end. This week the cloud has lifted because this morning was the big event and it was a deemed a great success by all. Finally - the sun is shining again and a great weigh has been removed from my shoulders. I was able to have the afternoon off and I was so tired that I just came home, changed into my jammies, and jumped into bed for a long well-earned nap. You know you are tired when you pull into your driveway and just keep sitting in your car because you don't have the energy to get out and go into the house. Let me tell you, that nap hit the spot. Afterwards, my daughter and I went out and had dinner together as a treat. I went to pick my son up from his first job and it was relaxing to just drive down the street with no worries for the moment. I am currently camped on the sofa watching TV and updating my diary. Life is good.

However, I must note for the record that I am still utterly exhausted.

I did give myself a little break from work this past weekend. Taking a quick trip up to Connecticut to meet up with some of my favorite reads on Diaryland in person. I will just tell you that there was argyle, rum and coke, meatballs at IKEA, fortune cookies, infectious laughter, coffee at Yale, and much more. Its true when they say life is an adventure.

Ill be sharing all the fascinating details with you in my next entry.

On another note, please stop by and leave a note of commiseration for forty-plus on the loss of her dog, Jax. Pets are sometimes the best people we know.

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