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Suburban Island

The Holidays Have Packed Their Bags
Saturday, Jan. 03, 2004, 1:19 p.m.

QUESTION: Where did the holiday go?

WHAT I LEARNED: Vacations are over far too soon.

Well, my lovely vacation time is almost over. I donít know where it went exactly but I believe it was swallowed in glittery, sugar-plum chunks by the holiday season as it stretched out before and after the sacred and the secular that make up this lovely time of year.

Yes, on Monday it will all be gone Ė

  • Reveling in the late drowsy mornings,
  • Driving over to the coffee shop at 1:00 for my eggnog latte,
  • Organizing and reorganizing the Master Gift List 03 in Excel,
  • Decorating with Santas, angels Ė all kinds, poinsettia, and light up houses,
  • Cooking those seasonal meals - really,
  • Wrapping,
  • Unwrapping,
  • Watching all those movies I have watched so many times before and yet have to watch every holiday season without fail or I feel deprived,
  • Humming to the Fa-La-Las and happy-holidays and silent nights that spill out of my car radio and store speaker systems like tinsel dusted snow,
  • Turning out for parties and visits,
  • Savoring those holidays dinners and treats,
  • Seeing Chanukah lights gleam,
  • Eating potato latkes made from scratch,
  • Seeing Christmas cards piled up by the front door like stacks of smiles,
  • Watching the presents appear under the tree,
  • Finding time for family and friends,
  • Knowing you're never to old to leave cookies and milk out for Santa,
  • Attending midnight mass,
  • Pausing in the candles' glow,
  • Basking in the brilliance of electric lights shining, and twinkling, and blinking, blinking, blinking,
  • Enjoying houses gilded and gaudy,
  • And delighting in no work or school to weigh us down here at this house for a few short days.

On Monday, itís back to business as usual. Itís been a great holiday season, a great vacation, and a great start to 2004. Goodbye to the 2003 holiday season Ė it was fun while it lasted. Now on to the new year with a fuller heart and many good intentions.

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