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REMARKABLE: My own dear dad - happy father's day!

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Suburban Island

Father's Day Shopping
Sunday, Jun. 15, 2003, 12:08 a.m.

QUESTION: Who doesnít love a good Aloha shirt?

WHAT I LEARNED: Mom can get a good shopping expedition out of Fatherís Day if she works it right.

My suitcase is still lying open on the floor belching clothes and a variety of other travel items onto the living room floor. Tomorrow is the day for unpacking. Today was the day for purchasing Fatherís Day gifts as in Ė what did you kid think up to do for your dad since tomorrow is Fatherís Day. Silence. I repeat the question. Silence.

A shopping trip ensues.

Stop One Ė The Cool Surf Shop. Hereís where we buy dad some great new t-shirts so we can throw out the old orange one he insists on wearing every time he pulls it out of the dryer Ė the one with the holes in it that we all hate. Everybody else buys something there too. Hey, itís Fatherís Day so we all need to celebrate with a purchase.

Stop Two - Sephora for some Fatherís Day cologne of course. We did have to sample about 30 different scents on the womenís cologne side of the store but whatís another hour of shopping when your nose is having that much fun. I got him something that smells great and if he doesnít like it, then Iím wearing it myself.

Stop Three Ė A specialty store where we find a water dispenser that looks like a mini water cooler (what dad wouldn't want that?), some flip-flops for my daughter, and a small gray felt elephant with a wobbly head that is meant to get stuck to your car dash for me which if I actually did so would send my husband into a state of apoplexy.

Stop Four Ė Hawaiian shirts anyone?

I have always wanted to buy my husband a Hawaiian shirt but I could never pull it off because he was always there to say no but not today. Today was my day to say yes to bold prints for men. My daughter and her friend talked me into it. I think they were right. If I were a guy, I would want to wear a Hawaiian shirt all weekend long. We know that this purchase might traumatize Dad initially but weíre hoping when he slips this comfortable and strangely hip shirt on, he will revel in our cleverness in thinking to make this purchase. Did I mention we bought him two?

They look kind of like this one but with more hula girls cavorting about.

And there's more. Heís going to get some flowers too, or maybe a fern or a hanging basket that we can hang out front and forget to water. Also, I say a balloon that says something original like - Happy Fatherís Day, is never out of place.

Happy Fatherís Day, hon. Isnít fatherhood a blast? Now put on one of your brand new Aloha shirts and letís head out for that special Fatherís Day dinner. You can leave the balloon at home but donít forget to water that plant on your way out the door.

DETAILS: Coffee:white chocolate mocha over ice x 2 + Listening to: afternoon thunderstorms and jazz + Observing: stormy skies and suitcases to unpack + Thinking: Fatherís Day shopping must occur now + Weather: thunderstorms

Todayís Suburban Strategy: Words from famous dads in honor of Fatherís Day....

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