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Suburban Island

A Substitute Friday Five or Any Port in a Storm
Friday, Oct. 24, 2003, 8:39 a.m.

QUESTION: Are you missing the Friday Five today?

WHAT I LEARNED: Just improvise.

No Friday Five! And me with my new resolve in place to knock that Friday Five out first thing in the morning. I will have to do my own Friday Five. Anyone can borrow this Five - humble as it might be.

1. List 5 diaries that you have recently discovered that you find interesting.

guderian (Original song lyrics make this diary a pleasant stop.)

hlm79 (I love her layout because it is so personal to her. And if that isn't enough, she looks for bluebirds in her yard and finds them too.)

lady-lewis (A newer diarist with lots of promise. This entry touched my maternal heart.)

poolagirl (There is something delightful about her writing style.)

weeme (Just flat out charming and original illustrations here too.)

And because I can never stop when I am supposed to, here's one more for good measure - wordsofmine (I am never sorry to have stopped by this excellent diary.)

2. Got a window nearby? What do you see?

Trees turning color and the sun shining. My lamp reflected in the glass. The last roses. A hell of a lot of shrubbery.

3. What are the five chores you are promising yourself will get done this weekend?

  • Plant winter pansies,
  • Get files all over office into new file cabinet,
  • Only do this after cleaning out above files with goal of reducing paper clutter at least 66%,
  • Do something with the gathering of clothes and books beside my bed,
  • Get my digital camera repaired.

image from

4. What would you like to avoid this weekend?

Any last minute school project surprises discovered on Sunday evening and due Monday morning.

5. Tired of saying the same old thing when you say goodbye to a friend or acquaintance? Is - have a nice day, take care, later - getting kind of old. Come up with something better.

  • Just say no to stress.
  • Remember if all else fails, coffee helps.
  • Chocolate can be medicinal.
  • Don't forget to do a little dawdling today.
  • Yank some weeds but smell some flowers while you're at it.

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