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Suburban Island

THE ABCs of Me
Sunday, Mar. 07, 2004, 12:38 a.m.

QUESTION: How about these ABCs?

WHAT I LEARNED: The alphabet has many uses.

I borrowed this from Bobbi at Crossed My Mind:

A - Age: 50
B - Boyfriend: Husband
C - Chore you hate: Paying the bills
D - Dad's name & occupation: Edwin, retired
E - Essential everyday item(s): Coffee, diet coke, music, a book to read, time on the computer, my cell phone
F - Favorite actor/actress: Classic: Cary Grant/Kathryn Hepburn - Slightly Aged: Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan - Newer Stars: Orlando Bloom/Renee Zellweger
G - Gold or silver: I like them both
H - Hometown: Suburban Island of course. I have always lived in the burbs.
I - Instruments you play: Piano
J - Job: Information industry
K - Kids: 2 teens
L - Living arrangements: Suburban split level
M - Mother's name and occupation: Smoki (nickname), homemaker
N - Name and who are you named after: I was named after my mom, who was named after her mom, who was named after her mom, who was named after her mom
O - Overnight hospital stays: Quite a few
P - Phobia: Heights and bugs
Q - Quote Scripture you like: Give me the whole 23rd Psalm and Im good to go
R - Ride you have: My 17-year old daughter has a newer car than I do enough said
S - Shows/Soaps you like: Trading Spaces, American Idol, CSI
T - Time you wake up: As late as possible Im bad that way
U - Unique habit: I dont think any habit I have is unique. I do drive with my shoes off, read every night before bed no matter how late the hour, and watch movies I like repeatedly.
V - Vegetable(s)/Fruit(s) you refuse to eat: Lima beans I will never eat a lima bean
W - Worst habit: I procrastinate
X - X-rays you've had: Plenty, baby
Y - Yummy food you make: Espresso drinks, chicken curry (but not lately), and fried butterfly noodles with butter and parmesan cheese
Z - Zodiac Sign: Scorpio but Im my own girl and rely on the grace of God not the stars to guide me.

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