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Suburban Island

Weekend Whoosh!
Monday, Aug. 09, 2004, 11:18 a.m.

QUESTION: Where do the weekends go?

WHAT I LEARNED: I'm getting more done than I think.

The weekend has passed and I stand here as the smoke clears wondering - what did I do? My chore list is untouched. I have no idea what is on it and I am a bit afraid to refresh my memory by reviewing it. I know only that immediate tasks overcame the great dreams of great things that my list held in store for me to accomplish this weekend. What we did do was quite a bit Ė just different bits.

First, we waved goodbye to my daughter as she headed off to the Outer Banks or as she calls it OBX. That's the cool talk that I don't get in on until after everyone else has already got it integrated into their normal speech patterns. For instance, Spritopias tells me that flip-flops, the wearing of which constitutes one of my favorite aspects of summer living, are according to Kipp, now called JFKs. How did I miss that? What does it mean?

Second, we have celebrated my husband's birthday with bunches of helium balloons Ė which were rather large and might have traumatized him somewhat, and a dinner out, and some little gifts with the promise of some present shopping in Orlando.

Which brings me to the third thing we got done, more of the trip preparations for our vacation to Orlando next week. I am so excited. The suitcases came out of the shed this weekend. We are really thinking vacation time now. I am the one that orchestrates these junkets so I spend ridiculous amounts of time obsessing over the details. Over the months I have pondered Orlando; pouring over websites for theme parks, lodgings, discount airline ticket sites, and cheap rental cars. I have considered the family preferences regarding every aspect of this trip from which theme parks to visit to what restaurants to target for some good eats. What it all shakes down to is that we are a Disney family and we are doing the Disney parks. Running around the Disney parks, and having a few free days to do what strikes our fancy once we get down to Orlando, should make for our idea of a great family vacation. Itís all scheduled on an Excel spreadsheet now with priority seating reservations in place for lunch and dinner and our park days mapped out. Damn, sometimes Iím good.

Upon consideration, I realize that I did accomplish a few other things of note. I carved out some mom/son time with what is becoming a standard weekend event Ė the Chinese restaurant appetizers for lunch hour with my son. This provides me the whatís-up info in his life and I get some fried dumplings and crab rangoon too. I was also able to visit a pal, shop at Walmart, and do double chauffeur duty for my son and his friends (thatís coming and going driving) on Friday night to a far flung teen-terrific location.

Another weekend gone and done.

Back to the beautiful bag and what was in it. Itís all about the little things.

The Betta Cam

Any Amelie fan, of which I am one, will have to love this very thoughtful and practical gift - my very own little garden gnome. He come with his own patch of grass, tiny flowers for the lawn, and some interchangeable backgrounds including one of the Eiffel Tower - of course. As you can see, I am already having fun with it. Here my gnome is making a little visit to my Betta Cam He's obviously making quite an impression too - looks like he's about to get a kiss from that fish.

Thanks, kid!

DETAILS: Coffee: not yet + Listening to: suburban silence + Observing: my gnome of course + Thinking: I love summer + Weather: strangely cool summer day.

Todayís Suburban Strategy: Campaign blogging for fun and profit.

Todayís Scenic Cam: Have you every heard of Lake Winnipesaukee? I have.

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