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UPDATE ON PETER: Still in the ICU. Keep on praying.

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5 Question Madness
Tuesday, Jun. 24, 2003, 1:15 a.m.

Question: Why didn't I think of these questions?

What I Learned: I did have a National Enquirer story in me.

As part of Question Madness, one of the most delightful diarists here on Planet Diaryland, inkdragon, has asked me the 5 intriguing questions below. If you would like me to ask you 5 intriguing questions as well, just leave me a note or a guestbook entry and I will be happy to write up some questions just for you and pass on the question madness fun.

Now howís the questions the splendid inkdragon came up with for me.

1. You whispered the National Enquirer makes it into your basket on occasion. Please share the headline and summary paragraph sharing a fun and naughty experience youíve had (exaggerations welcome)!


Coed in need of bathroom climbs through unlocked window of University Armory.

A close friend of the coed revealed that once inside the unlit building, the feisty blonde economics major was unable to locate the womenís restroom in the dark. Even her companion, a fraternity heartthrob regularly spotted on her arm prior to the incident, was unsuccessful in finding anything other than the menís room. With some encouragement from him, she finally became convinced that the menís room, which was located nearby the window through which they both had entered, was better than no room at all. After the college coed used the facilities, they departed through the same window from which they entered without further incident.

Although amazed by the decidedly different design of the facility, and left wondering about the tiny sponges in the bottom of that wall of strange little sinks, she told her confidant that in the end, a booth was a booth. The hardest part, the coed was quoted as saying was - climbing back through the armory window without being spotted by University security which routinely patrolled the massive Armory Building while on its regular rounds.

Questioned about it later, the coed insisted - we were just looking for a place to study.

2. You love the ballet. Do you remember your first experience? How did you feel as you walked out of the theatre?

Beautiful ballerina picture from the lovely Grishko catalog

The first major ballet viewing experience I recall was when I was in high school. My dad and I always spend a day out around my birthday Ė a kind of father-daughter day. The ballet was part of the birthday adventure that we cooked up together that particular year. I remember red tutus, some major pas de deux-ing, and a ballerina who fell quite suddenly and shockingly on her petite rear-end in the middle of her performance. The audience gasped. We held our breaths. Then like a flower opening up in a sudden ray of sunshine Ė she did the most perfect and amazing thing - she got up and simply began dancing again. We all clapped liked crazy. Life in the world of dance had stopped for an instance and then gone on with great grace.

I, for one, was glad she fell even though I am sure it was a very unhappy event for her at that instant in time. She taught me an important life lesson much better than if she had pirouetted perfectly across the stage for hours, and that lesson has lasted long after leaving the performance. Itís the getting up again that counts (and of course going on from there). And donít let anybody tell you that itís not.

3. Youíve mentioned you have Saints statues and you try to recite Psalm 23 daily. Do you consider yourself spiritual? What does spirituality mean to you?

Yes, I do consider myself a spiritual person but I understand that this means different things to different people. My spirituality is based on my Christianity and my Catholicism. I have explored other paths but this is what really works best for me.

I love Bible verses about sparrows, eagles wings, prodigal sons, seas that part, and the assurance that all things are possible with God. I admire the great Saints that set good examples for us of faithful living.

I have a strong faith in God, I believe in Godís love for us, and I try to remember to put my trust in God at all times. Occasionally I can actually pull this off and when I do, I have a great deal more peace of mind about my life and all the standard annoyances big and small that occur therein.

4. Youíve stated you are a cancer survivor. Could you tell me what this experience meant to you?

I got a cancer diagnosis when my kids were 2 Ĺ and 5 Ĺ. It was quite a shock to me (and everyone around me). I was fortunate that the cancer was caught early. I have been cancer free for approximately 12 years.

Cancer before cancer meant:

  • Impossible,
  • Unthinkable,
  • Insurmountable,
  • Inexcapable,
  • Final.

Cancer during cancer meant:

  • Overcome Fear
  • Know your illness
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Set your own priorities
  • Think positive
  • And donít forget about what God can do.

Cancer after cancer meant:

  • Being thankful to God everyday for the chance to stick around
  • Getting a chance to keep being a mom to my kids
  • Not taking myself too seriously
  • Enjoying the everyday things
  • Working towards my big goals in life
  • And never forgetting to ride a good roller coaster when we go to a theme park.

5. Why do you believe in Guardian Angels? Do you believe everybody has one?

I believe in Guardian Angels because it makes perfect sense, because there are angels populating all the really interesting parts of the Bible, and because I need all the guidance I can get. Yes, I think everyone gets a standard issue angel that is committed to us and our spiritual welfare but that most of us chose to waste some of the help and guidance that comes our way through our angels because we are busy with all that free will. I feel confident that I provide my angel with plenty of humorous stories to share at the angelic water cooler in the clouds.

Hereís one for the angels.

Angel of God,
my Guardian dear,
to whom His love
commits me here,
ever this day (or night)
be at my side,
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.

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