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HEY: katiedoyle is back from Paris!

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Suburban Island

Top 10 at the Beach
Monday, Aug. 18, 2003, 2:50 p.m.

QUESTION: When does my next vacation start?

WHAT I LEARNED: Vacations always have to come to an end.

I am back from the beach. Here’s my distilled experience. Wish I could bottle it!

10 favorite beach foods:

  • Steamed crabs,
  • Wrappers – pretzel dough with a yummy filling,
  • Sub sandwiches – Italian cold cut or steak and cheese,
  • Ice-cream – coconut chocolate chip or gelato - mango please,
  • Pizza – half sausage/half pepperoni or maybe just plain,
  • Tomato sandwiches on Kaiser rolls,
  • Fudge – maple walnut,
  • Cinnamon roasted nuts – pecans are best,
  • Funnel cakes with powdered sugar,
  • French fries with vinegar and salt.

10 favorite beach sights:

  • Fog laying over the water and drifting down the beach in the middle of the day;
  • Seagulls in the air, sandpipers on the beach, and dolphins in the ocean;
  • Kites in the sky;
  • Miles of beach umbrellas – different colors;
  • People relaxing - finally;
  • Old time photo shops – we bring a new picture of the kids home every year – this year was the pirate shot;
  • Watching small noisy planes dragging signs across the sky advertising beer, crab, and dance clubs;
  • Storms coming up and breezes of the water;
  • Hand-picked sea shells in a basket;
  • Books on the beach.

10 favorite beach moments:

  • Sleeping late every day and not feeling guilty,
  • Sitting in a lounge chair on the beach for hours reading a wonderful book that has been saved especially for beach reading,
  • Gazing at a full moon and the reflected moonlight on the inky water,
  • Boardwalk walking and walking and walking,
  • Buying the large iced tea from my favorite stand and keeping the big plastic cup to use in the gloomy winter months,
  • Finally getting my own black-light ready t-shirt emblazoned with the gaudy logo of a favorite local seafood restaurant,
  • Wearing ankle bracelets and flip-flops all day – every day,
  • Sleeping with a breeze from the ocean filtering in from an open window,
  • Knowing that I had a whole week away from the daily grind,
  • No email, no voice-mail, no snail mail.

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