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Suburban Island

Freaky Friday
Friday, May. 16, 2003, 10:31 a.m.

Question: What happened to my TGIF Friday?

What I Learned: Hide your pens.

Today may not be the best TGIF day in memory. In fact, just a few minutes ago I had to fight an almost overpowering urge to just sit down in the middle of my disordered living room - didn't I just straighten it up yesterday afternoon - and throw up my hands. I give up. This is an un-winnable battle.

The everyday sometimes seem insurmountable. And it's not even lunchtime yet. Here's some highlights...

My daughter just left for school - late - I had to write her a note with the only pen handy. It was a pink sparkle pen - very pretty but it probably will not impress the attendance office.

Before she left, she complained that she had just put perfume on and couldn't even smell it. The result is a powerful vapor trail that leads from the upstairs hall all the way to the front door. Who needs standard air freshener when you have a teenage daughter with expensive perfume at hand? However, I think I have a sinus infection kicking in so this may not be the best time for me to be indulging in big whiffs of even the nicest scent.

There is fish food floating on the top of our 65-gallon aquarium. There is a lot of it too. That leads me to believe that the fancy pump that keeps it clean has blown a gasket.

The engine light on my car went on again today. It sounds funny. It feels funny. I sense an expensive repair coming on.

Number of beds in house = 3. Number of beds in house made = 0.

There's an ironing board in my kitchen that needs to be put away. (Snaps to my daughter who actually ironed her own school uniform this a.m.)

There is laundry in baskets and artfully draped over furniture and banisters that must be put away. There are cans to be recycled and dishes to be rinsed. The floors need another vacuuming. I don't want to talk about the piles of junk mail on the kitchen table. And why does it seem that there is clutter on every table in the house - I swear I cleared all the papers, kid paraphernalia, and other random items off all major surfaces quite recently. The worst part is that some of this is my mess. The other worst part is that some of it isn't and I am getting stuck with it anyway.

I have so much office work to do that I am posting a challenge list for myself - I am trying to stay positive. I'd like to check the finished tasks off as I go along but someone took most of my pens without sparkles ink - hence the pink late excuse note to my daughter's school. A pink sparkle X looks kind of silly splashed across REGION MEMO or QUARTERLY PLANNING DOCUMENT or NEWSLETTER PRODUCTION.

My roses need to be fed and sprayed. The rain is coming down non-stop. I haven't gotten my morning coffee yet. My head hurts and there's that sinus thing that I know is going to blow up into a major problem if I don't get it addressed today. Memo to self - must call doctor's office right away.

Last but not least, Target called me this morning to remind me that I forgot to pay the bill this month and I want to thank them. The guy who called was so nice that it turned out to be the high spot of my day so far. I'm afraid that if things continue in the current vein, he may take today's high spot prize.

Life’s like that some days and when it is I just pick up my pen - pink with sparkle ink in this case, write up some lists of all the stuff that’s sticking out its tongue at me, and start making big Xs – one at a time – all over that thing.

I hope you have a great day today. I have to go write my pink sparkly list now.

DETAILS: coffee: none + listening to: rain and crazy squirrels on the roof + observing: household chaos + weather: cloudy and wet.

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