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Suburban Island

Friday Five - House & Home
Friday, Apr. 04, 2003, 9:01 p.m.

Question: What's in a house?

What I Learned: A home is in the mind that creates it.

1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?

I can claim a total of 6 residences in my life. First, there was an apartment that I lived in until I was around 5 years old. From there, I lived in 3 houses and 2 apartments. I grew up in a little brick cape cod house in a standard suburban neighborhood and I live in a split-level house in the heart of suburbia now. In between, I lived in a sorority house for 2 years and then in 2 apartments (15th floor studio and 4th floor junior 1 bedroom) as a single working girl.

2. Which was your favorite and why?

You know what St. Paul said about being happy in whatever state you find yourself? Well generally, I have been fortunate to be content where I have been at the time I have been there. I enjoy little houses in the suburbs. There is a great view from a 15th floor apartment. You can see the trees flowering in the spring from a 4th floor window. And when you live in a house with over 40 sorority sisters, you have a lot of friends.

3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why?

It is always exciting and stressful to move. It is fun to make a new place your home. It's sometimes sad to leave an old home behind.

Moving is like starting with a clean canvas and then applying a small or large amount of beloved old paints onto it to create a new picture.

One of my fondest memories is moving into my first apartment a tiny studio on the 15th floor and my mom helping me decorate by making me a raised plant display area and a fabulous modern art piece from wine crates talk about creative. I was always getting compliments on the art and plant corner made from unfinished wood and double-sided sticky tape made with love by mom.

I am bad at packing and unpacking so canvases and creativity aside, moving is a challenge for me that can last for long after the act of moving occurs.

Do they sell a boxes-begone product for procrastinating unpackers? If so, I'd like it in a spray can please - industrial strength.

4. What's more important, location or price?

I am not independently wealthy so price has to play a role but where the house is located is key to my contentment level. Having said that, I can be content about different things at different locations. No water but look at the green grass. No green grass but look how convenient it is to public transportation or work or good schools. Not close in but listen to the kids playing in the lawn sprinkler and the sound of a lawnmower in the distance.

5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?

Even the SIMS has to take care of the things they acquire so I will be careful even here, as I am dreaming, in what I imagine would appear in my dream house. Having said this, pools with those invisible edges are so beautiful - it would have to come with lifetime maintenance for me to go for it though. Maybe I could get a smart house so I could be domestically not smart - no dishes in the sink, no dust on the tables, no lint on the rugs, no work for me. I like it.

If my house was within earshot of the ocean that would fit 90% of my dream house criteria. I love screened in porches and wish I had one a screened porch by the beach would be perfect. A Florida room with a fireplace framed with windows on either side would be cozy when the snow was falling. Jacuzzi tubs in the bathrooms would be a great relaxation aid. Skylights and ceiling fans get my vote. A must-have is a small garden with birds singing and flowers blooming.

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