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Suburban Island

Shopping and Snow
Monday, Feb. 17, 2003, 3:08 p.m.

Question: Why does snow mean white bread and milk?

What I Learned: Canned tomatoes must be important for something.

Yesterday the snow was falling and each little snowflake seemed to increase the primal need I was feeling to make sure that we were stocked up on any and all possible household necessities. If there was anything that we could possibly need, then I wanted it at hand. Even though I had gone shopping the day before, I was not satisfied. I had missed some important items during my last swing through the empty shelves of our local grocery store, crowded as it was with people shopping for biological warfare and snow days needs in the same breath. Gone was the bread and milk. Evidently soda is a mainstay as that aisle looked picked over. There is something about canned tomatoes and snowstorms or maybe that had something to do with the threat of biological warfare thing. It’s hard to tell without conducting an expensive and time-consuming consumer survey and everybody is too busy shoveling snow at this point to bother answering. Anyway, the canned tomatoes were just about gone as well. I do wish I knew what that meant. Spaghetti. Chili. Anti-bacterial action. I'm going with the chili theory.

So what did I forget that were now a must have? Parmesan cheese – a staple in our house. Film – to memorialize our funny snow adventures. More Diet Coke – never run out of Diet Coke, never. Hot chocolate mix – woe to the mother that messes up on this basic kid requirement. Low fat beef baloney – fry it up in the pan and voila, a good hot breakfast. Soup – the other white meat. Low-fat brownie mix and butter cream icing – must have a nutritionally deficient late night snack on hand when there is snow falling. My husband wanted de-icer spray – we all have our priorities.

I suppose with a shopping list like that, it’s lucky that we don’t have snow every day. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t change a thing on it. And those brownies will taste pretty darn good as we look out at the snowy expanse, even if we do run out of the milk to go with them. After all, I do have Diet Coke at hand.

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