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Suburban Island

Skiing Vacation
Sunday, Feb. 02, 2003, 2:55 p.m.

Question: Why run when you can ski?

What Did I Learn: Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

We found the AWOL sweater. It had taken a trip skiing with my oldest child. I don't even go out in the snow but the opportunity to go forth and ski was extended and who am I to stand in the way of snowy hills and hot chocolate. I gave my blessing and there was no turning back. The slam of the door reverberated through the house and off they went.

On the way out, the special sweater that my husband requires for his runs - the special running sweater - was grabbed and tossed into an overnight bag. Off to the ski slopes. Like anyone would say no, including a sweater destined to soak up sweat during an afternoon run.

This resulting in much fruitless hunting for the special sweater over the course of the day and evening. Although it provided us the opportunity to find many other alternatives to the sweater and gave us all something extra special to do that day, the special sweater was never found. Some might ask - without the special sweater, why even run? In fact, the disheartened runner in our household put forth that very question. And we, who really didnít care at all about the sweater at this point, could provide no valid answer or solution to the problem at hand.

Exercise is such a difficult enterprise - especially when such paraphernalia as sweaters and such are involved. Itís a tricky situation.

Not surprisingly, the next day the sweater came home again. I imagine it must have been flush with excitement. It had experienced many fine moments - falling of snowboards, almost running over hapless real skiers who made the mistake of getting in front of a novice going down, down, down that snowy slope, chilling back at the hotel. Well, anyone would have to admit that it was much more fun than soaking up sweat on an ordinary daily run.

No wonder it didn't let out a squeak when it was stuffed into that overnight bag. I really hope it had a good time because tomorrow afternoon itís back to business as usual.

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