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Suburban Island

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2003, 11:53 p.m.

Question: How many To Do lists do you have going right now?

What I Learned: Procrastination can serve a useful purpose.

Alright, in all fairness to my husband, there is some communication that definitely goes awry from my side of the fence.

Here's a nice example:

My husband asks: Did you mail the check for/make the call about/start/finish or otherwise accomplish in any way, shape, or form a boring/tedious/mundane chore which I feel obliged to bug you about incessantly. He doesnít really say that last part but I just added it because thatís what it feels like to me.

I say: Uh, yeah (feeling a bit persecuted). Doesnít he know what a busy woman I am? Iím still plucking lint off the dark clothes for heavenís sake. (See last entry.) Or even better (because it's not as definitive a yes) I like to answer with these 3 simple words - I think so.


Not really. Actually I havenít done anything on it at all. I probably misplaced the paper with all the info on it but keep your hopes up. I'm getting to it. Maybe tomorrow. Remember what Scarlett said Ė Tomorrow is another day. And she had a lot bigger problems, what with losing Rhett and all, than just getting the damned phone bill in the mail.

The great thing about these two statements is that they create a state of mind in which everyone begins to believe that maybe it really is done. I feel great Ė what a relief getting something done without doing it at all. It's all just a skip down the path - until the next time. What? Did I do what? Hmm. Um, yeah, I think so. Hey, how many times can I say - Uh yeah, I think so. You'd be surprised.

Like most people living in the 21st century I could drown in my To Do List. My advice to chores is: get in line and wait your turn. Thereís only 24 hours in a day. I-think-so may be the best heís going to get out of me on the chore completion questions.

Also, it's good to add this chaser - I'll have to double-check - as it buys you a little more time to actually do the chore you have been putting off or even better, it may allow you to put it off some more (my preferred choice). If you're on a roll, you can procrastinate on a particularly odious task for months by just muttering these 3 phrases in a rotating order and being consumed with a must-see TV show or other riveting activity if any questions come up.

Maybe that's why the man washes the whites and the darks together.

Given the above, I can't say I blame him.

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